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10 Life Lessons Travelling Taught Me

I Believe We Don’t Truly Understand until we Experience

How can one relate and ‘get it’ without being, seeing, feeling what the experience brings?

After 18 months since I left my home in Canada these are some certainties I’ve come to understand (only) while being abroad travelling…

Here Goes:
1. You are totally responsible for everything that has happened and is happening in your life

2. You are in the drivers seat of your life, no one else. You have choice.

3. Take a Leap towards your fear. There is never the right time, but I promise you that at the end of your life is the wrong time to have regrets

4. Adaptation is everything to changing conditions and keeping your cool

5. Contrasting experiences of your true desires actually provides expansion of them. Meaning, when you experience what you don’t want, it reinforces what you do want.

6. Don’t know your life’s Passion? Then instead, follow your hunches, and curiosities. (thanks Elizabeth Gilbert for teaching me that one from Big Magic)

7. The best memories in life/travel are made by doing those things that scare you!

8. Money is only currency. I give & receive currency like I give & receive love–open heart, open hands to allow flow. We can ALWAYS make more money/currency…its just energy

9. ABC. Always be conscious and grateful. Travel helps to expand your mind and be present moment.

10. When something doesn’t feel right, change course. See Lesson #1 & #2.
Some of my travels since taking a Leap February 2016!
IMG_0451 Auckland, New Zealand
 IMG_1055 Queenstown, New Zealand
 IMG_2510 Bali, Indonesia
IMG_1773 Gili Air Island, Indonesia
IMG_2705  Cottesloe Beach, Perth Australia
IMG_3786 Byron Bay, Australia